DNA Testing

Unlock the power of genetically specific nutrition and fitness programs through SciFit DNA Testing. After a simple saliva swab, discover how your body metabolizes certain foods and what type of nutrition plan works best for you. In addition, reveal what types of exercise methods are most beneficial and effective for your particular genetic makeup.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach, so utilize our DNA services to help you discover your unique genetic profile. Forget the trial and error approach and guessing games, and cut right to the chase with what type of strategy is going to work best for you.

dna step 1.png

Step 1

Discuss with SciFit professionals about your interest in DNA Testing and learn how it’s beneficial to your wellness journey.

DNA Step 2.png

Step 2

Take a simple, 5 minute, in-office saliva swab.

DNA Step 3.png

Step 3

SciFit team then sends the swab to the accredited laboratory.

DNA Step 4.png

Step 4

Your results are ready within 2-3 weeks and SciFit professionals will go over your results with you.